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Do you need driving lesson tips? The first time is always a challenge. Getting comfortable with the car, knowing how to press on the pedals, getting familiar with the dimensions of the vehicle—these things take time and a whole lot of practice. If you are a beginner driver, maneuvering a car down a road can be quite daunting.  We know that it can be quite uncomfortable to operate a machine you are not familiar with and have a stranger beside you, watching your every move. Our driving instructors here at Best Driving School Adelaide are friendly and accommodating but we understand that other factors can get on your nerves.

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We want you to stay calm and have a stress-free experience on your first driving lesson. Here are a few driving lesson tips that can help:


driving lessons preparationWe want you to be alert and awake during your first lesson. Make sure that you get enough sleep the night before and avoid staying up late. Alcohol in your blood stream is not a good thing, so make sure to avoid drinking any booze the night before your first lesson. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, all the more on the day of your first driving lesson. Have a hearty, healthy breakfast to jumpstart your body and fire-up your brain.

Preparing your attire for the day is important too! Make sure that you wear comfortable, non-slip, preferably flat shoes. You won’t be needing your sky-high stilettos or platform heels on your first driving lesson. Wear comfortable clothing and avoid anything that can impede the movement of your feet and hands.

If you wear eyeglasses or contacts, do not leave the house without them. Optimum visual perception is key to your first driving lesson.


practice drivingMistakes are expected on your first try. These mistakes are invaluable to your learning experience. Our experienced driving instructors will be there to help you go through the motions. They are there to advice you on what to do as well as help you feel comfortable driving a car.

We encourage you to ask your driving instructor if you are unsure about anything and to speak up if there is anything you need to clarify. Our driving instructors are not there to make judgments. They are there to make sure that you become a good driver and pass your test on the first try.

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learner driving lessonsWe don’t expect you to be able to navigate the city streets, parallel park in the narrowest of alleys nor take on the motorway within the first hour of your driving lesson. Learning how to drive is a complex process. You have to take things one step at a time. After learning how to accelerate forward and step on the breaks, you can’t skip to making sharp turns right away. Learn the first step and then proceed to the next. Being too eager to learn three steps ahead can cause accidents and we wouldn’t want that, right?


Learning how to drive is a significant milestone in a person’s life. Learning how to drive transitions you to a phase in your life where you take full control. We encourage you to take the driving lessons seriously but also to have fun. You would want to remember this experience as something enjoyable. Make it a fun learning experience instead of a drill that you dread. If you make a mistake at the start, laugh it out with your instructor and then try again. Go on and make your driving experience a fun and memorable one!

student enjoys drivingWe encourage you to follow these driving lesson tips so that you can have a fun and effective experience instead of a dreary and stressful one. Smile, take a deep breath, and tell yourself that your first driving lesson is going to be a great one. Give yourself a pat on the back for taking the first step in learning a skill that can change the way you live your life. At the end of your first lesson, remind yourself that you are one step closer to getting your license! Before you know it, you’ll be out in the open road, driving off to a new adventure.

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If you are anxious about your driving test, remind yourself to stay calm and review our tips for passing your driving test to help you overcome this challenge.

Best Driving School Adelaide is a trusted and respected driving school in Adelaide. We are here to help you unlock a new milestone in your life. We’ll get you there by helping you pass your driving test on the first try. Our team of experienced, professional and friendly drivers are here to provide you with excellent driving lessons that have helped many happy drivers before you. Call our driving school today!